Message from the Department Head

Dr. Edward Back

Dr. Edward Back

Welcome to the Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering at The University of Alabama. I hope you will enjoy learning about our innovative undergraduate and graduate programs and options, our wonderful faculty and staff, the wide variety of research programs, and the many accomplishments of our students, faculty and staff. Civil, construction and environmental engineering education has a long tradition at The University of Alabama, where engineering instruction began in 1837. Since that time, we’ve educated some of the finest engineers in the world – engineers who plan, design, construct, create and become leaders in business, industry and public service.

We are dedicated to providing innovative and high-quality opportunities for our students acquire the fundamental knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for entry and success in the professional practice of civil, construction and environmental engineering. Our programs provide advanced instruction in the latest tools and technology of engineering practice. Our students get state-of-the-art, hands-on engineering experience in well-equipped, modern facilities. Our graduates are will prepared for both the contemporary demands they will face when they enter the profession, as well as the technological challenges they need address in the future.

The career opportunities available to civil, construction, architectural and environmental engineering graduates are indeed broad and diverse. The many specialties within the field allow for careers in construction, transportation, environmental assessment and pollution control, hydrology, structural engineering and geotechnical engineering.

We are extremely excited about our recent accomplishments and even more excited about the future. We hope you will share our enthusiasm for both the profession and the quality programs we have available at The University of Alabama.

Roll Tide!

Dr. Edward Back, Ph.D.
Department Head