The dual MSCivE/JD program is offered collaboratively with the Law School. It allows students to double count 12 credit hours of approved graduate civil engineering coursework from the MSCivE towards the JD and 12 credit hours of approved law coursework from the JD towards the MSCivE. The student’s graduate advisors from each program will determine which courses double count as part of the dual program.

The Joint JD/MSCivE program is designed primarily for MSCivE Plan II, or non-thesis option. If the MSCE Plan I, or thesis option, is pursued, a maximum of six hours of law coursework will be allowed to count towards the MSCivE versus up to 12 hours for the MSCivE Plan II.


Other courses may be allowed, please see an adviser

  • CE 517 Advanced Project Management
  • CE 518 Engineering Management
  • CE 522 Solid and Hazardous Waste Management
  • CE 525 Air Pollution
  • CE 527 Storm Water Management
  • CE 552 Traffic Safety and Security
  • CE 553 Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • CE 554 Urban Transportation Planning
  • CE 564 Safety Engineering
  • CE 581 Legal Aspects of Engineering and Construction
  • CE 580 Forensic Engineering
  • CE 629 Environmental Regulations


Other courses may be allowed, please see an adviser.

  • LAW 601 Property Law
  • LAW 620 Computers and the Law
  • LAW 680 Natural Resources Law
  • LAW 690 Water Law
  • LAW 691 Construction Law
  • LAW 694 Land Use Planning
  • LAW 697 Workers’ Compensation Law
  • LAW 702 Environmental Law I (NEPA, Air, and Water)
  • LAW 704 Employment Law: Occupational Safety and Health
  • LAW 721 Employment Discrimination Law
  • LAW 723 Law and Economics
  • LAW 738 Environmental Law and Policy: Coastal Law
  • LAW 763 Problems in Environmental Law
  • LAW 766 Real Estate Development
  • LAW 771 Environmental Law II (Toxins and Hazardous Waste)