The Accelerated Masters (BS/MS) Program is designed specifically for outstanding students to complete the requirements for both their bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in civil engineering in an accelerated five year period.

The Accelerated Masters Program is intended for very capable and highly-motivated undergraduate students who wish to pursue graduate study in the department.

If you are interested in the department’s Accelerated Masters (BS/MS) Program, please see your adviser or any faculty member in the area of intended graduate study. For information about how to apply to Graduate School, please stop by the department office.

A BSCE student in the AMP program can earn up to 9 hours of dual-credit towards their bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Following successful completion of all requirements for their BSCE, students in AMP are awarded their undergraduate degree. Students then continue taking graduate courses until the requirements for the master’s degree are met. Students in AMP are classified as undergraduates until they complete all of the requirements for the undergraduate degree. They cannot hold graduate assistantships until they are classified as graduate students.