The Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering offers an undergraduate Honors Program for students who seek to be challenged by both independent and team projects and receive additional distinction with their undergraduate degrees. This individually tailored program culminates with the awarding of an Honors Certificate and recognition at the Honors Day Ceremony in the student’s senior year.

Students enrolled in the Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering Honors Program are encouraged to participate in one of the three University-wide honors programs offered through the Honors College.

Apply to join the Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering Honors Program. Applications are also available in the Department’s main office in HM Comer Room 260.


Students may earn up to 6 hours of honors credit in appropriate regularly scheduled JUNIOR and SENIOR level courses through satisfactory completion of the terms of an Honors By Contract. This contract requires a prospectus, prepared by the student consultation with his/her professor and with the Honors Program Director. The prospectus must be approved by the Professor, his/her Department Head, and the Honors Program Director.


  • Completion of the course requirements for the bachelor’s degree in civil or construction engineering.
  • A 3.30 GPA or higher in all CE courses, as well as a minimum 3.30 overall GPA in all undergraduate coursework.
  • Completion of 12 hours of approved CE courses using honors credit by contract. The professor and the honors student enter a contract by which the student agrees to additional work to receive honors credit. The following courses are guaranteed available for honors by contract:
    • CE 260 Surveying
    • CE 320 Environmental Engineering
    • CE 433 Reinforced Concrete Design
    • CE 378 Water Resources
    • While the above courses are available for the Department Honors Program, they are not required. Other CE courses are available and can be included as part of the required 12 hours of honors credit by contract. Courses other than those listed above taken for honors credit require instructor and departmental approval. Students should contact the instructor for availability.
  • Completion of an honors undergraduate thesis. Students must work directly with a department faculty member on a problem of common interest. Credit for the thesis work is given through completion of CE 491 Special Problems–Honors Thesis

Students interested in the Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering Honors Program should contact the department office or their academic adviser for further details.